Alessandro Strobbe Recoba

Science communicator known as Doctor Trónico

Hi! My name is Alessandro Strobbe and I'm a Peruvian science communicator with experience in public engagement through storytelling and creative writing. I also do research in science communication, critical thinking, and citizen science, with a special interest in motivated reasoning, communication models, and heuristics.


You will no longer be able to eat blueberries: A chronicle on climate change and its effects on the Andean glaciers (documentary)

Independent science communication film on global warming, its effects on tropical glaciers, and the risk that this represents in the communities of the Andes.

Special thanks to the British Embassy in Peru, the Newton Fund, the Peruvian National Institute for Research on Glaciers and Mountain Ecosystems (INAIGEM), British and Peruvian scientists financed by the Newton Fund, Germanwatch (German green NGO), Wayintsik (Peruvian green NGO), and Saúl Luciano.

*Due to the protests and social conflict in Peru, we are forced to suspend the premiere until February 15. Thanks for your understanding.

Link available from January 31, 2023

My social media projects

Doctor Trónico

Science popularization project for teaching science and skepticism with humor, using memes in social media. It has a range of 1-3 million prints per month, +500 creative writing columns, and +1000 graphic arts.

Ciencia Picante

Science Communication talk show that uses language accessible to all audiences, and creates an informal environment focused on the popularization of scientific studies and science engagement.

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AI: It is not what it seems and it does not go where we want.

The final chapter of the book: “The fourth industrial revolution in Peru”.

Doctor Trónico teaches you science!

Manuscript in editorial preparation.

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Is Pluto a planet?

Interview made by the Colombian channel "Ciencia Café pa' sumercé".

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